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Durable wheelchairs for all terrains

Built to World Health Organization guidelines, our wheelchairs are purpose-designed to withstand regular use in the rugged terrain and uneven surfaces common in the developing world—opening up a life changing level of mobility and accessibility that would be impossible with a regular wheelchair.

Portable, lightweight and adjustable to each child’s size, our wheelchairs feature:

  • Strong steel subframe
  • Puncture proof, wide tyres to increase stability
  • Postural support and harnesses
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Head rest
  • Waterproof cushion
  • Tray for mealtimes or school activities
  • Knee rug and knitted toy

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“Sitting in adult wheelchairs is not only extremely uncomfortable for small children but it is also unsafe. One mother here in Burma was very happy to receive a wheelchair from Wheelchairs for Kids for her daughter. In the past, her daughter used to lay on the floor when they carried her outside. Now, her mother brings her around their village in her individually fitted children’s wheelchair.”

Kanchana Thornton - Burma Children’s Medical Fund

Give the transformative gift of mobility