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About Us

Giving freedom and mobility worldwide

The world over, millions of children with disabilities can’t get access to adequate wheelchairs—and the impact on their quality of life is profound.

Many are forced to live on the earthen floor of huts or wait to be carried, making them more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and armed conflict, as well as experiencing lower educational attainment and higher rates of poverty.

Wheelchairs for Kids is a volunteer-based not-for-profit organisation providing the transformative gift of mobility to children in impoverished and under resourced communities both in Australia and around the globe. We raise funds for, build and distribute children’s rough-terrain, fully adjustable wheelchairs to World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

Since our inception in 1998, we have provided over 50,000 wheelchairs to more than 90 locations across the globe, giving children that were previously confined to a life of crippling inequality a life changing new level of independence and mobility.

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Wheelchairs for children made in WA

At Wheelchairs for Kids, we have around 800 passionate, hard-working volunteers who are the cornerstone of our operations. Retired men and women over 55, with 250 volunteers on factory production and the remainder in other areas of operation on related tasks. Our volunteers dedicate their time and expertise to manufacture wheelchairs from scratch,  ensuring they are fully adjustable for children of all sizes and accommodate their growing needs.

They also carry out thorough testing to ensure they are suited for rough terrain and comply with international standards, as well as cutting and sewing covers for the wheelchair seat backs and knitting knee rugs and soft toys to ensure maximum comfort. This means we are able to minimise manufacturing and administrative costs allowing for 100% of our funding to go towards our mission.

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“I was born with fragile legs and growing up it was quite a challenge travelling from one place to another. I feel comfortable with my new wheelchair from Wheelchairs For Kids, my handwriting has greatly improved and I no longer eat from the dirty ground like before.”

Benitah - Uganda

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