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About Us

Giving freedom and mobility worldwide

Wheelchairs For Kids

The world over, millions of children with disabilities can’t get access to adequate wheelchairs—and the impact on their quality of life is profound.

Many are forced to live on the earthen floor of huts or wait to be carried, making them more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and armed conflict, as well as experiencing lower educational attainment and higher rates of poverty.

Wheelchairs for Kids is a volunteer-based not-for-profit organisation providing the transformative gift of mobility to children in impoverished and under resourced communities both in Australia and around the globe.

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Wheelchairs For Kids Mission Statement

To make a difference in the lives of mobility impaired children and their families around the world and to continue to build a community of volunteers who have purpose and camaraderie.

Wheelchairs For Kids Values

Our beliefs and behaviours

We Listen

to the needs of our Humanitarian Organisations, Design Engineers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Donors, Volunteers, Suppliers and partners to make a positive difference to the lives of our recipient children.

We Care

with compassion and respect for all of our stakeholders, and we demonstrate this by designing and manufacturing to World Health Organisation Standards, world class,
fully adjustable, all-terrain children’s Wheelchairs free of charge, unlike any other in the world.

We Give

of ourselves through the predominantly volunteer workforce and integrity of the organisation that enables us to make Wheelchairs and help disadvantaged children.


Wheelchairs For Kids History

Wheelchairs for children made in WA

Wheelchairs For Kids Australia (WFKA) was established in 1996 and since then over 54,000 all-terrain and fully adjustable children’s Wheelchairs have been distributed to over 80 countries worldwide, free of charge.

Founded by the Scarborough Rotary Club in WA, teams of volunteers gather daily in our purpose-built factory to manufacture and build the Wheelchairs based on an Australian design and to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, with the final product delivered to disabled children around the world. Without our all-terrain Wheelchair, these children would have limited mobility if any, a lack of education and no hope of a normal fulfilling life.

Every week more than 250 regular volunteers attend our factory in Wangara, Western Australia and another 300+ assist us by sewing covers for supports on the Wheelchairs as well as knitting and crocheting rugs and small toys, all of which are sent with each Wheelchair. Learn more about volunteering at Wheelchairs for Kids here.

It is vitally important that each child is individually and correctly fitted to their Wheelchair. In the past we have (at times) provided training along with our humanitarian agencies who assist us in distributing the Wheelchairs worldwide. As we progress forward, it is planned to have trained occupational therapists or physiotherapists accompany each container ensuring specialist training and the perfect fit for each child.

Since inception, our organisation has predominantly been managed and run by a volunteer workforce of retirees, with a handful of these having been on the journey for the full 27 years and several others for at least 15 to 20 years. This is an incredible achievement, but it does mean that the average age of our work force today is approximately 74 years young. More information in our Strategic Plan.

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“I was born with fragile legs and growing up it was quite a challenge travelling from one place to another. I feel comfortable with my new wheelchair from Wheelchairs For Kids, my handwriting has greatly improved and I no longer eat from the dirty ground like before.”

Benitah - Uganda

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