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Wheelchairs For Kids

Over 300 Schools and Colleges throughout Australia have raised funds for Wheelchairs for Kids These schools have provided to date over 8,000 wheelchairs. All donated to needy disabled children worldwide.

One fun way which is remembered and repeated by many, year after year, is the Wheelchairs for Kids Wheelathon. The pupils love it.

They arrange family and friends to sponsor their time or distance spent riding in wheelchairs.

We have two specially fitted furniture trailers, both donated, one in Melbourne and one in Perth each holding 20+ wheelchairs, which are taken by our volunteers to your school for the big day.

How to get involved

To join us please contact our volunteers.

In the Perth Area

John Jeffery

0414 374 224

[email protected]

In the Melbourne Area

Russell Hayes

0414 600 721

[email protected]

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