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Create a brighter future for children living with disabilities

It is important to remember that the things we love and value continue on when we are gone.

Leaving a bequest to Wheelchairs for Kids will help us to create a future where every child in need gets not only a wheelchair, but a second chance at life. Your support will change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children by improving their access to education and healthcare and enabling them to make social connections, while vastly improving their quality of life and life expectancy.

How to leave a bequest to Wheelchairs for Kids

If you have made the decision to leave a donation to Wheelchairs for Kids in your will, we suggested you consult a legal adviser to ensure that your will is legally valid and clearly expresses your intentions to avoid misinterpretation.

A lasting legacy: the impact of your bequest

By leaving a bequest to Wheelchairs for Kids, you can help support our mission of giving freedom and mobility to children in impoverished communities both in Australia and around the globe.

Your gift will benefit children in need by:
  • Increasing their quality of life
  • Providing easier access to healthcare, food and water, otherwise unattainable
  • Broadening employment opportunities following increased access to education
  • Enabling parents to join workforce and contribute to household / village outcome
  • Improving social integration
  • Improving general health
  • Reducing the progression of deformities

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