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Host a fundraising activity – be a part of the solution

Our wheelchair current production rate is on average 3,000 to 3,500 per annum, with our volunteers working 10 months of the year. However, our factory has the ability to manufacture more than this and is only limited by our financial means. Our strategic plan is focused on increasing production numbers, and with your fundraising, we can do so.

How to organise a fundraiser for Wheelchairs for Kids

Step 1: Decide on your fundraising activity

There are many fun and effective ways of fundraising for non-profits out there. Hosting a sausage sizzle, holding a trivia night and participating in a fun run in the form of a school wheelthon are a few ideas; but the options are endless.

Step 2: Fill out a Wheelchairs for Kids Fundraising Application

The next step involves completing a Wheelchairs for Kids fundraising application form. Once you do so, Wheelchairs for Kids will approve it and will be in contact with you.

Step 3: Set up your online fundraising platform

One of the easiest ways to receive donations and keep track of these donations, is creating an online fundraising platform. All funds raised through the page will then be transferred directly to Wheelchairs for Kids, taking away the stress of money collection.

Typical online fundraising pages, although not always free include, Go Fund Me, Everyday Hero and My Cause.

Step 4: Spread the word

Once you complete these steps, make sure to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. The best way to do so is posting on social media, including images and links that lead your friends and family to your online fundraising platform. You may also like to create posts and flyers to put around your local area and Wheelchairs For Kids are able to provide pamphlets and other related goods.

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