Wheelchairs Donated: 46,446

Zakaria of Douar

This morning little Zakaria had his first wheelchair in life.

Zakaria is a 5 years old child who lives in Douar Lambakra, a poor village 35 km far from Marrakech with his parents and his brave 16 years old sister, Zineb.

He was born with a brain injury: he can hear very little, he can’t speak and can’t walk by his own. He mostly lies down on a bed all day long.

As often happens,this wheelchair won’t change just a child’s life but all his family’s quality of life.

Zineb will have the chance to work to the Cooperative to earn some money, bringing her mother and Zakaria with her, no longer having to stay at home taking care of both of them all day long. Today we saw Zakaria smiling with joy because as soon as he was fitted we had a tour in the sunny village and he couldn’t stop to ask.

As always good things only can happen with the help of an international cooperation: nothing was possible without the help of Wheelchairs for Kids in Australia , Michelle’s Red Goes Faster in Morocco, Youssef and Isham in Marrakech and Iza in Douar Lambakra.

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