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By Wheelchairs For Kids Australia
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What an amazing year 2024 is shaping up to be in the history of Wheelchairs For Kids Australia (WFKA).

We are on the eve of celebrating the manufacture of our 60,000th wheelchair to brighten the lives of mobility-impaired children worldwide.

What a milestone! Just imagine the impact those wheelchairs have made on the lives of all the children, many now adults, and their families.

We’re sure you’ll agree, that regardless of their geography, every child deserves the chance to live a fulfilling childhood and look forward to a bright future.

Sadly, there are millions of children worldwide living with disabilities who simply don’t get the access to the mobility aids available to children in Australia. Many are left to live their lives on the ground or on a bed, missing out on a normal childhood and locking out the potential to thrive.

With your support, we can continue to build our All-terrain Adjusta Wheelchairs to send to children in less-developed countries, unlocking a world of possibilities and propelling these kids towards a better future.

By having access to their own set of wheels, children and their families stand to gain so much:

  • Access to Education: children can attend school and participate in learning.
  • Social Inclusion: a wheelchair provides a means to join in social activities, allowing children to interact with peers, make friends and be included more fully in community life.
  • Health and Wellbeing: wheelchairs give mobility and independence that improves physical health and mental wellbeing and often significantly increases life expectancy.
  • Empowerment and Dignity: access to a wheelchair gives children greater control over their movements and freedom to engage in daily life.
  • Family and Community Support: providing a wheelchair makes it easier for parents to transport the child as they grow, allows them to work and encourages greater community support.

Our goal is to raise the funds for 500 additional wheelchairs to be built in 2024-25. Your generous support can help us reach this milestone.

Play your part in a brighter future

components of a wheelchair for kids wheelchair

Your donation today means so much more than its immediate monetary value. By supporting our ‘Put the Wheels in Motion’ appeal, you will be part of driving change in a child’s life for years to come. A wheelchair means access to education, social opportunities and a future that children in these countries may otherwise be denied.

  • $29 provides the front tray, rear carry basket, tools and accessories
  • $49 provides the cushions, foam supports, padding and strapping
  • $79 provides the chassis and three wheels
  • $118 provides the frame, brakes and footrests
  • $275 provides an All-terrain Adjusta Wheelchair with a handmade rug and two soft toys.

Whether you donate, volunteer, or simply help spread the word, every action, big or small, brings us closer to our vision of helping every child who needs a wheelchair to access one.

Please consider a donation today to our Wheels In Motion Appeal.


Donations of $2 and over are deductible for Australian donors.

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