Wheelchairs Donated: 46,945

September 2018

For the month of August, shipments of wheelchairs were halted due to a need to shut down our workshop as a result of a halt in delivery of component parts from China. Work resumed on September 3rd and daily output was increased to 30 wheelchairs per day to make up our production shortfall. Our total wheelchair production is in excess of 41,600.

A new Promotions team was set up and chaired by Mr Jim Joseph to further promote our cause especially in Fund raising activities.

On September 26th we were visited at the workshop by a representative of a Philippines RSL organisation in Angeles City (Graham) who presented us with an appreciation certificate thanking us for supplying wheelchairs to their organisation for assembly and distribution to the needy of that country.

    Fund raising continued supporting our cause.

  • A local ballroom dance group continued their always welcome financial support.
  • A Friday street collection in Perth city was organised utilising a large group of WFK volunteers supported by a group of teachers from Trinity college. Money raised will cover the cost of 18 wheelchairs.
  • In a fund-raising effort organised by the Sr Irene McCormack College the equivalent sum of 13 wheelchairs was raised.
  • Generous philanthropy continued for our cause.