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Mercy from Kenya

December 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities! Today we would like to introduce you to Mercy.

Born with spina bifida, Mercy recently received a Wheelchairs for Kids wheelchair through ACCESS that is funded by USAID and supported by World Vision Australia through wheelchair donations.Mercy loves her wheelchair and uses the blue table to write her homework., Mercy’s mother used to have to carry Mercy everywhere on her back, which grew increasingly difficult as she got older. Her new wheelchair now ensures that Mercy can continue to do everything she loves like playing with her siblings. Mercy’s only complaint is that her mother now asks her to do household chores.

Wheelchairs for Kids great partnership with World Vision and Motivation Charitable Trust is changing the lives of children like Mercy.

Motivation Charitable Trust provide support, training and advice to children with disabilities and their families, and provides training to Wheelchair service providers in the World Health Organisation standards for wheelchair fitting. The ACCESS project is critical because having access to a well-fitted wheelchair is only part of the solution, reducing discrimination is equally important. That’s why World Vision is working on projects to raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities in the broader community, and working with government towards policy change. As a result of this incredible partnership, children with disabilities in Kenya are receiving great care, and being empowered to live out their dreams.

World Vision Australia

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