Wheelchairs Donated: 46,446

May 2020

Like most organisations worldwide, Wheelchairs For Kids have been severely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our workshop has been shut down since March 17th 2020, being unable to function normally. Just prior to that, wheelchair deliveries were as follows:-
Solomon Islands 50, Malawi 346, Zambia 65.

Key staff have managed to guide the organisation through April and May.

Some major donations have been received during this down time, showing people’s continued belief in our organisation. Notable donations of $25000 ,others of $20000 and $11000 have been gratefully received. Many thanks to Melinda whose organisation has introduced a new email system resulting in new donors coming on board to further boost our fund-raising activities.

Coates Hire and Ascot Sign-writing jointly donated an amazing large furniture trailer emblazoned with our Logo and details. This will be used to present ourselves at various community functions enabling transport of promotional equipment including a quantity of wheelchairs for use at wheel-a-thons.

These items further exemplify our solid support from WA private individuals and commerce.

Topping off our run of incredible support during these difficult times, we have received mortgage support for the purchase of a new workshop facility. It is located at 10 Buckingham Drive Wangara in WA.

Development drawings of equipment and architectural additions have been carried out and various potential contractors have been engaged to price for installation work in the coming months.

Some early remedial work is happening at the moment including skylight replacement, floor resurfacing, electrical supplementation work, touch-up painting and minor brickwork repairs. All equipment at our old workshop is being prepared for transfer to the new workshop when it is ready for occupation.

This building gives us the added advantages of a larger working space,being on one single site, ample parking space, a permanent morning tea area, good office and kitchen spaces and a conference room.

The coming months will hopefully see the COVID-19 effects diminish and a gradual return to normality resulting in a return to wheelchair production at our new facility.