Wheelchairs Donated: 46,945

May 2017 Newsletter

General:- Great interest has been expressed in the WFK operation by the Cerebral Palsy World Alliance conference in Sydney. Demonstration wheelchair units have been sent to them.

WFK wheelchair training is continuing in Ulaanbaatar in Morocco.Thanks to our volunteer O/T Lois Moir for contributing the following,

“Day two of of training in Ulaanbaatar with Wheelchairs for Kids and a project Bolormaa is involved in. Three children have had wheelchairs fitted to their needs by occupational therapy students and physiotherapy students , what a great team!”

  • A revised website was released on 28th of April 2017. Our thanks to the volunteer work carried out by Mark Adams and the WFK support team.
  • Our grateful appreciation goes out to Graham Simpson for his continuing IT support for our new office computing setup.


Workshop:- New year production of wheelchairs reached 350 units by the end of March.

  • The workshop was visited by District 9455 Governor of Rotary Mr Lindsay Dry.
  • WFK First Aid group refresher meetings have been convened to maintain preparedness for any eventuality in the workshop.


Container movement:- A container of 176 wheelchairs has recently been despatched to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • 10 of the wheelchairs are to be sent on to Burundi. Included in the shipment were hospital beds, humidicribs, computers, roof solar panels (for Dr Luc Rehabilitation centre) and an ultrasound machine.
  • Through World vision, a container of 340 wheelchairs has been sent to Malawi.