Wheelchairs Donated: 46,446

June/July 2019

Marie Cocks once again organised a Quiz Night at the Sorrento Bowling Club and managed to raise the substantial sum of $6500!!!. Well done Marie and all her helpers especially Bill Cutler who prepared the 80 questions!

Containers of wheelchairs were sent to Philippines (1×166 w/c) and Vietnam (1×166 w/c), while 25 wheelchairs were sent to The Solomon Islands.

John Paul College in Kalgoorlie, through their house fund-raising activities, raised a greatly appreciated $2000 donation. Olllie and Beppie visited the college to accept the donation.

Harbourside Village in Mindarie, through their Keith Talbot organised fund-raising activities, raised a marvellous $2356 donation. Olllie visited the village to accept the donation.

Acquinas College through their fund-raising activities, raised a greatly appreciated $3000 donation.

Probus Club of Pinjarra donated $900 through their fund-raising.

Pinjarra Golf Club Ladies hosted a Ladies Day for 21 visiting golfers and chose WFK to benefit from fund-raising on the day. It raised $2900!.

Probus Club of Victoria Park paid a welcome visit to our workshop.

During early June we were visited by 2 lady representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading who were on a fact finding mission following up on their grant of $50000 to assist the sending of a container load of wheelchairs to East Timor. It is likely another similar grant will be made and should this prove successful a further 5 grants will follow through over 5 years. It was mentioned that our submission (made by Don Kidson) was well received and that we were in a group of 46 successful applicants out of a field of 200. Well done Don!!

Various High School groups and busloads of Senior Citizens visited our workshop during this period to observe the operation of our workshop.

Our organisation’s promotional efforts (organised by Gerry McCarthy) continued at local large shopping centres displaying at Noranda Shopping Centre.

A group of Curtin University students took part in a training workshop at our Wangara workshop learning about fitting the wheelchairs to disabled clients. Taking on that knowledge, they will be travelling (self-funded) to three Asian countries where they will be training local therapists teaching them the process of adjusting each wheelchair to suit particular client needs.

Three Physiotherapists from Canada are involved in training therapists in 3 locations in Vietnam.

A local Hire firm, (Quality) continues to support WFK with free use of their equipment (trailers) and on discussion with Ollie, applied a Wheelchairs For Kids display sticker to their classic HQ Holden racing car. This vehicle has been raced at various HQ meetings and raised interest among the spectators about our organisation.

A limited production run for 2 months of 13 wheelchairs per day has now been scaled up to 21 per day.