Wheelchairs Donated: 46,446


We can happily assist you with logos, images, donation forms and other promotional material. In the past, donors have enthusiastically used a wide range of fund raising schemes; art and other auctions, morning teas, a paraplegic’s solo circumnavigation of Australia in a small yacht, school walkathons and free dress days, a strawberry tea party, an individual’s pay from delivering community newspapers, wages from a university student’s holiday job, market stalls, a student busking with a violin, raffles, children saving pocket money, collecting aluminium scrap, concerts, sausage sizzles, a battle of the bands, a share of business sales profits, a charity ball, monthly salary deductions, matching employee/employer donations, Christmas present trading, some butcher shops competing with each other to raise funds and many more.


Our only collection point for recycling is at our workshops here in Wangara, Western Australia. Generally it is not economical to send any material to us by mail or carrier. Support for the project is best achieved by selling any recyclable metals to a local merchant and sending to us a cheque made out to ‘Wheelchairs for Kids’. A considerable number of wheelchairs have been funded with money raised from the sale of scrap aluminium collected by supporters. Virtually any aluminium is worth collecting including old window frames, showers screens, industrial off-cuts but the most often is the common drink can. There is no reason to separate the aluminium ring-pull from its can. Many people drop off the crushed cans with ring-pulls attached to our workshops.