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Guitar from Thailand

Guitar from Thailand

Guitar from Thailand is 9 years old. She suffers from paralysis throughout her whole body and as a result cannot walk or communicate.

She lives with her mother, Krathin, at her aunt’s residence in the middle of a crowded slum.

Krathin earns 200 THB (6.55 AUD) a day as a market monger. Because of her extremely low income and the very high medical treatment fees and expenses Krathin decided to file a petition to Nong Chok District Office to send Guitar to the Camillian Home, in Bangkok, for therapies, treatments, education and general childcare. Founded in 2008 by Italian priest Father Giovanni Contarin, Camillian Home focuses on helping poor children who have serious illnesses or disabilities.

It was here that Guitar received a wheelchair from Wheelchairs for Kids along with a colourful knee rug and a soft cuddly toy.

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