Growth Development Fund Donation

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$ 5,000
Help our technical progress group undertake continuous improvement focused research and development in wheelchair innovation
$ 10,000
Fund future succession planning initiatives to ensure our ageing volunteer management team can handover leadership
$ 25,000
Become our wellbeing partner and improve quality of life and mental health for our elderly volunteers
$ 50,000
Support the fit-out and tenancy of our Australian facility and global headquarters – doubling our production capacity from 340 to 680 per month
$ 100,000
Support our research and development fund to ensure our wheelchairs address the varying needs of children living with disability, including multiple sclerosis
$ 200,000
Become our annual building partner, and support the payback of our Australian manufacturing facility
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Why Donate to our
Growth Development Fund?

We’ve developed a plan to ensure we can continue transforming the lives of children previously confined to a life at ground level—and it requires not only wheelchairs, but bricks and mortar facilities, high quality equipment, research and development and human resources.

Launched in 2020, our Growth Development Fund will ensure Wheelchairs For Kids can continue well into the future, raising capital for essential operational costs. In particular, the fund will enable:

Our new building

We’ve been generously sponsored AU$2M to purchase a building with a 10 year payback, but we can’t do this without your support. Fitted out with top of the range manufacturing equipment, our new building will increase our capacity to develop and manufacture wheelchairs to the highest international standards.

Research and development

There is much work to be done to ensure children with varying needs are supported, including those with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. To address this, we plan to conduct comprehensive research, development and field testing with leading engineers, scientists and disability advocates.

Our volunteer workforce

Led by a passionate team of predominantly retiree volunteers, we run our operations on a shoe-string budget. But as our organisation grows, this isn’t sustainable. So we are seeking funding to secure our financial future and enact a succession plan for our ageing management and operational team, who all currently act in a volunteer capacity.

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