Wheelchairs Donated: 46,446

December 2019

We have come to the close of another very successful year and workshop manufacturing has now ceased and will be reopening in January 2020.

Total wheelchair production for the year is a commendable 3208 (despite disruption to our production by a delay in our parts supply from China), which brings our total (since opening in 1998) to 45,507.

Fund raising has continued throughout the year, with stand-out amounts raised including an amazing $60000 from all participating schools. A recent Step-a-thon at Trinity College raised $4000, and a walk-a-thon at Mullaloo Beach Primary School rraised $5000 exemplifying our solid financial support from WA private and public schools.

Our year was finalised with Christmas gatherings of groups of volunteers from each of the daily groups, catered for by Cathy Cutler and her willing band of supporters.

Informative videos were presented by Bob Sheridan topped off with a humorous video purporting to show Ollie on a high performance gopher stirring up the local community!

Promotions of WFK organisation continued in metropolitan shopping centres, shows and fairs. Generous donations were placed in our collection tins at these venues and tins strategically placed in prominent suburban locations.

Another Sausage Sizzle was held at Bunnnings Malaga resulting in a sizable sum of money being raised for our cause. Manning of the stall is by a keen group of WFK volunteers.

Our organisation continues to be generously suppported by the Rotary Club of Scarborough and the Christian Brothers who will continue to do so.