Wheelchairs Donated: 45,944


July 2018 News

A satellite workshop has now been established in Bangladesh over the past 18 months ( through Dr Gulam ) where WFK design wheelchairs are now being produced .  WFK supplied a full set of design drawings and knowhow for workshop setup. This Bangladesh workshop is now up and running producing 50 wheelchairs per month. Recent… Continue Reading

May 2018 News

On Friday March 2nd we reached a new production milestone of 40,000 wheelchairs. During April, container shipments were made to Malawi, Morocco, Kenya and Cambodia. Fund raising continued in various organisations supporting our cause e.g. a Wheelathon was organised by Mosman Rotary Club in Sydney where some of the funds raised were distributed to us…. Continue Reading

February 2018 News

In January our first shipment of wheelchairs for 2018 was sent to Sierra Leone, marking the start of our 2018 production run. On 18th January, our WFK  Red Cross first aid certificate holders participated in a CPR refresher course held in our workshop facility. A necessary update on current day techniques On Friday March 2nd… Continue Reading

September 2017 Newsletter

In the first week of September, our much anticipated parts supply from China arrived in 2 containers and were very quickly unloaded by a team of able-bodied volunteers over 2 days. Production immediately commenced, hoping to make up our production shortfall caused by the shipment delay. On Wednesday 6th of September 2 WFK volunteers set… Continue Reading

August 2017 Newsletter

This month we experienced an unfortunate shortfall in our parts supply from China due to a holdup with the containers leaving their home port on the Chinese mainland. This resulted in the curtailment of production in our workshops and resulted in a shipment shortfall. Delivery is now expected for Friday 1st of September. On the… Continue Reading