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An entirely volunteer-based organisation, our executive team represents a broad range of business experience, including corporate finance, business management, philanthropy and marketing.

Gordon Hudson


Gordon, the Wheelchairs for Kids CEO is a strong-willed leader who has lived and breathed the company and its operations unfailingly from day 1. His dedication to do right and spread the incredible message of the work that Wheelchairs for Kids does is a testament to his commitment and has made him an invaluable member of the team.

Jim Joseph

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Jim is a dedicated member of the Wheelchairs for Kids team, with his infectious positivity and drive to propel Wheelchairs for Kids forward. As the President for the Scarborough Rotary Club, Jim has acted as a ‘bridging factor’ between Scarborough Rotary and Wheelchairs for Kids – developing a relationship that between the two parties.


Skye Gilligan


Skye is a celebrated Marketer based in East Perth – establishing and exponentially growing her own marketing company. With extensive experience in the telco, oil, gas and mining sectors in Australia, the UK and Africa; Skye has developed an Australian and International portfolio of clients and maintains a personal passion for improving quality of life and access to education in African nations.This passion also led her to join Wheelchairs for Kids. 

Trish O'Reilly


Trish has an established history in the mining and resources industry who has recently joined the Wheelchairs for Kids team. Her experience includes driving strategic direction, building alliances, growing membership, project planning and community engagement. With this skillset, Trish has quickly established herself as a level-headed and indispensable individual who has great aims to assist in the continued development of Wheelchairs for Kids and the work that they do.

Peter Whyte


Peter is a lawyer by trade and has been involved with Wheelchairs for Kids since their inception in 1998. Over this time, Peter has taken on managing the legal responsibilities relating to the company. This oversight included securing of the new Wheelchairs for Kids building and devising a new company structure to ensure that Wheelchairs for Kids can continue to grow and touch the lives of many.

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