Wheelchairs Donated: 46,446

Volunteer Activities

  • Wheelchairs For Kids is a major project of the Rotary Club of Scarborough Western Australia supported by the Christian Brothers.
  • There are 180 retired men and women who volunteer their time and expertise manufacturing children’s wheelchairs throughout the week.
  • Each day we average 44 volunteers at our manufacturing workshops. There is a ‘Monday’ through to ‘Friday’ group.
  • Working from home bases there is a large cohort of volunteers carrying out support services. These people carry out such important aspects as cutting and sewingcovers for the wheelchair seat back and restraint cushions, crocheting, knitting and sewing individual knee rugs and the knitting and sewing of soft toys.
  • Volunteer ‘back-room’ activities also include financial administration, procurement, warehousing, despatch , publishing, Facebook and website maintenance, promotional talks by invitation and CAD drawing work for maintaining the wheelchair design.
  • 340 wheelchairs are manufactured each month.
  • Our support in the community is widespread. We enjoy patronage of the Governor of WA, state and local government officials, many schools and widespread national support of Rotary International.
  • The WFK wheelchair design conforms to the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • It is built for rough terrain and is completely adjustable for children of all sizes and accomodates their growing needs.
  • Design upgrades and changes are ratified through a WFK Technical Review Group (TRG).